The theater school Kastali'a inspires children and young people with ambitions in the theater world to become more skilled and more targeted. Quietly, the students are led from play to play, from amusement to craft, and the students get the experience that more and more awareness is needed about playing theater.

The theater work spans everything from gentle fun drama exercises to hard-core acting training - always with a smile. Devicing theater, impro, mime, body, voice, awareness and in-depth role-building are some of the themes of what we do at Kastali'a.The theater school Kastali'a offers team training, workshops and theater projects of a shorter and longer duration.

Discipline, imagination, laughter, presence, play fun and lots of hugs - we appreciate highly at Kastali'a.Nicknames, "biscuits", new friends and discovering your special talent and unique sides ... you can experience at Kastali'a.

Randers is different and more than what is seen on the surface.

and then we do projects...... like this:



"EUROINVASION - 7 Deadly Sins" is an international artistic youth exchange project with the Seven Deadly Sins as the focal point. The Theater School Kastali'a who is behind the project, has invited 49 young people from Europe to take part in the project. Each country has been asked to rethink and interpret one of the Seven Deadly Sins as part of street theater play "EUROINVASION - 7 Deadly Sins" in May are invading Voldum, Fjellerup, Langå and Randers.




The Danish theatre school Kastali’a is the mastermind behind European youth invasion
Armed with seven deadly sins and 49 youngsters from seven European countries the theatre school invades four Danish towns with the street performance “EUROINVASION – 7 Deadly Sins”.
“EUROINVASION – 7 Deadly Sins” is an international artistic youth exchange project involving 49 young people from seven countries, and it’s the largest international project in the history of Kastali’a. At the of May the theatre school will host youngsters from Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Denmark – all whom will be a part of the street performance.  Each country will contribute to the street performance with their interpretation of one of the seven deadly sins.
" We decided to arrange the youth exchange because we wanted to give our drama students an unique experience and the opportunity to make friendships across borders,” Lisbeth Nielsen says. She is the head of the Theatre School Kastali’a and she planned the exchange together with the project manager Anja Aabenhus.

An experience for life
"With a project like this, we give the youngsters an experience for life," Barry McSkeane says. He is a professional director and the leader of the Irish participants. He continues: “The mere fact that the young people experience that adults care enough to arrange this project for them is a great experience, and they will appreciate it later in life.”
Barry McSkeane, who recently has been touring with the National Ballet of Ireland as production manager, believes that a project like "EUROINVASION - 7 Deadly Sins" contributes to give the youngsters experiences that they would not otherwise receive:
"The project not only gives the young people a voice and an opportunity to express themselves, it also gives them a multicultural insight. An insight their peers might not get a chance to get.”

Friendships across national borders
The street performance "EUROINVASION - 7 Deadly Sins" rethinks and innovates the Seven Deadly Sins. In the performance the young people will incorporate their thoughts on their own life and culture. But it's not just the grand thoughts which are important in the project.  Another important aspect for the project is the multicultural friendship between the youngsters.
16-year-old Filippa Kimose, who is a student at the Theatre School Kastali’a and one of the young Danish participants, says:                                                              
“I am looking forward to getting friends from other countries. It's important to understand other cultures, and friendships across national borders help to break down prejudices and make the world smaller. It would be nice to visit a friend in e.g. Lithuania and another friend in Greece. I'm really looking forward to meeting  the foreign participants.” 
You can see the street performance “EUROINVASION – 7 Deadly Sins" on May 26th in Voldum and Fjellerup and on May 27th in Langå and Randers. See the full program at
Facts about "EUROINVASION - 7 Deadly Sins":
Times and places:
Friday, May 26th:
At 10:30: Voldum
At 14:00: Fjellerup

Saturday, May 27th:
At 10:00: Langå
At 12:30: Randers City
At. 14:00: Kaffemik with the young artists and their leaders from Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Denmark at the Randers Art Museum. Everyone is welcome! and it's free.

Watch a movie about the 7 deadly sins:


Link to AArhus 2017:





a other project


Here we are...... all of us

Making a scene for Change II was a training course which explored social inclusion and youth participation through Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum theatre and, which planed achievable local and international projects that support the participation of young people!

1) For participants to learn more about the issues and challenges of marginalized young people. 

2) To explore new approaches in inclusive practices specifically to learn about using drama methodologies in their youth work practice & ‘Forum theatre/theatre of the Oppressed’.

3) To search for new way to eliminate discrimination through theatre methodologies.

4) To develop new educational projects involving marginalized youth.

5) To work on organizing local, national and international activities that address marginalization and exclusion.

6) To share this learning with their projects upon their return to their home country.

7) To explore the Erasmus+ programme in greater detail.

8) To provide a space for partnership building for future Erasmus+ projects.

Objectives of the training:

·        Through creative drama workshops to learn about Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed.
·        Create Forum theatre pieces, which reflect the issues relevant to the participants and the young people they worked with.
·        To explore/investigate, how this methodology can be used to explore social inclusion and support the participation of young people.
·        Give the participants a chance to practice their facilitation skills and more specifically how to be a 'joker' in Forum theatre.
·        Template to create local and international projects with your young people.
·        Exchange with other participants, the challenges arising from diversity in our own environment, and building a network with European partners.
·        Learn more about the funding possibilities of Erasmus+ programme
·        Return home with new knowledge and ideas on how to use Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed & Forum theatre in the local work with young people.


The venue was in Underværket a local culture and trading house in Randers, Denmark

The duration was 6 days + travel.

The countries involved were Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Estonia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Wales (UK).

The number of participants was 26 in total.

The implemented activities was Non-formal learning through workshops/group work using drama methodologies, games, team building, intercultural activities, planning and networking.

The methodologies we used were creative, inclusive and participatory.

The results were deeper knowledge of the challenges and obstacles facing marginalized young people in the different European realities, and how to overcome these challenges.

As a result a resource paper have been made of all the exercises from the training, which can be used as manual/guide when participants what to implement Forum theatre activities back home. The resource paper is available for down load here.

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